Take a Few Minutes to Imagine the Future

Consult your partner or fill it out alone. Our email questionnaire is an enjoyable way to think about your baby name preferences and  imagine what you really want in a name and for your child’s future. Once you return the questionnaire, we’ll begin our research and provide you with a beautiful selection of names picked just for you.


Baby Name Consulting Services

By Appointment - Via Telephone

Like a Conversation with a Trusted Friend

Relax as we spend time eliciting your likes and dislikes as far as names, as well as your anxieties and concerns about naming. You’ll enjoy sharing your opinions and goals over friendly, reassuring conversation. From our chat, we’ll research and uncover a beautiful selection of names picked just for you.


Convenient - Via Questionnaire

Give the Gift of Naming Advice

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Ready to Learn More About Baby Name Consultation?

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Choose from These
Parent-Endorsed Services:


Comfortable, proven, step-by-step system for selecting your child’s name begins with custom name suggestions and continues with our exclusive selection tools and exercises in a system perfected over years of working with discerning parents.


For parents who’ll know the “right” name when they see it, we offer one or more formal reports of hand-selected names. Discover names you haven’t considered!

Complete Privacy Assured

High-profile client or low-profile, no individual’s privacy is ever compromised by My Name for Life. If you wish to share your experiences with the name consultant, the decision is completely yours. Names of advice-seekers are never revealed or sold to the press or the curious.

Baby name consultation is a wonderful experience and a lasting memory of the weeks and months before parenthood. Parents who’d like a partner throughout the naming process use our Guided Name Selection service; others request Custom Name Suggestions alone.

Each service begins with a telephone or e-mail consultation in which you provide information on your baby name style preferences as well as your baby naming criteria and concerns. With your preferences in hand, we’ll begin by using our exclusive My Name for Life baby name database along with our collection of history, literature, geography and cultural resources. We also love to consult our linguistics reference library. Ultimately, we use our extensive experience matching baby names to families plus a little imagination to select baby name pairs that meet your criteria.

Initial consultations are performed in one of two ways based on schedule and budget:

  1. Personal telephone consultation—A warm, friendly scheduled conversation during which we’ll discuss your baby name likes, dislikes or dilemmas.

  1. Email questionnaire—Our fun, proprietary survey designed to elicit your tastes and concerns at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Baby name consultation is a premium, personal service during which we’ll become partners for anywhere from 10 days to several weeks. Our consultations are filled with personally suggested names and caring advice. Read more about our approach to baby naming. Services start at several hundred dollars.